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Andrea Bendinelli


Trieste, Italy
Florence, Italy


Product and Interior Design

Andrea Bendinelli - Industrial designer

Andrea Bendinelli was born in Florence in 1983.

After obtaining the scientific high school diploma, he decides to enrol in the architecture and design technologies department P.L. Spadolini in Florence (Italy).

During his studies at University he starts his working experience cooperating with a naval architect and a designer, with a focus on interior design and product design, and specialising in studies of yacht solutions.

He then decides to do his thesis project on a 26-feet motor boat and obtains the degree in industrial design in 2006 with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude.

He continues his independent working activity, with several collaborations with naval and civil architectures, and designers, from which he develops some interesting professional opportunities.

Aiming to develop his own defined style personality, he continues his nautical studies and industrial design independently, developing his interest to research functional and ergonomic solutions  with a major focus on the choice of shapes, colours, materials and textures.

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Design solutions

  • Product Design

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Yacht Design